Fresh admissions are normally made only for L.K.G. However, the school may admit boys and girls in other classes also, if there are vacancies.


The school follows the curriculum and syllabus prescribed by the Tamil Nadu Government. The medium of instruction is English. Computer Science is one of the subjects offered in the school. Computer education is available to all students from Std. I to XII with hands on experience in the computer laboratories.


Mid-Term tests and Terminal Examinations are conducted in the months of July, September, November, December, February and April.

  1. Class tests are administered regularly and these marks are entered in the Progress Report and presented to the parents six times a year.
  2. Three main exams are held during the year. a. Quarterly b. Half yearly c. Annual.
  3. The school will not hold any special tests or examination or practical’s for absentees. They have to forego their rank and average.
  4. Parents are required to study their wards progress reports and make necessary arrangements to ensure proper all-round progress of the students.
  5. Parents are requested to collect their child / children’s Progress Report on the OPEN DAYS.


The academic year of the school is from June to April, with two mid-year vacations— one in Sept / Oct and the other in December. The school has three terms. 1st Term from June to September, the 2nd Term from October to December and the 3rd Term will be from January to April. Summer holidays will be from mid-April to the end of May. The school works for a minimum of 210 days in a year.


Students must wear the prescribed school uniform on all the working days.

SCHOOL HOURSMonday to Friday

Forenoon 9.15 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Afternoon 1.05 p.m. – 4.05 p.m.